Furniture parts

Bended plywood parts or solid wood components:

In our factory, we use old proven bending plywood technology and the state of art advanced machining allowing us to perform manufacturing processes ensures the best product quality, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

We supplying all kind of seats, backs, armrest, footstools, covers, tabletops, and many other components for furniture.

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Wooden frames

We supply the fully assembled semi-finished products dedicated for further processing e.g. upholstery or assembly according to customer requirements.

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Chairs and tables

Dinning, office, conference and lounge chairs or bar stools with wooden or metal frames, veneered, laminated or upholstered are our quite new business area, but we stronlgy develop it to offer our partners complete product ready for direct delivery.

As a set we can also supply the range of tables, including the high adjustable.

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Contract assembly:

We support our customers with their furniture industires manufacturing from the sketch to final product. Our main focus internally is plywood, wooden parts and assembly, but we are strongly commited to developed a wide network of co-partners we work with making us possible to offer the complete product, packed, labeled and delivered to you customer.

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